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Travel Guide: United States

Fruita, CO Fruita, CO
photo by: James Ogden
The United States of America is sometimes called "The Land of Opportunity," and in no area is that more true than when it comes to travel.  The 50 individual states of America compare favorably in size and population with the various countries of Europe.  The USA offers a wonderful combination of large cities, smaller towns, farmlands, forests, deserts, mountains, prairies and much more.  The climate ranges from sub-tropical to arctic, although most of the country is temperate, with four distinct seasons. 

The East coast has many cities worth discovering, such as New York, a unique melting pot of cultures with the world's most famous skyline; Boston, also known as "Bean Town"; Philadelphia - remember Rocky running up the stairs? It's in Philly.  The capital city, Washington, D.C., home of the President, and more museums than you can see in a lifetime.  Also worth visiting is Atlanta, where the 1996 Olympics were held.

Miami is one of the most popular International Tourist Destinations in the world. Known for its Latin Culture, never ending night life and amazing beaches.

The West Coast, from the state of Washington to California, is well known for its relaxed atmosphere.  Los Angeles is a micro universe. You can find everything from rags to riches, from Tinseltown to East L.A. Head south to visit Orange County┬┤s Huntington Beach for the ultimate experience in Surf City USA or head to the Californian Riviera city of Laguna Beach to check out the famous art scene.  LA is also home to a little thing called Hollywood.

Drive north on the Pacific Coast Highway - possibly one of the country's greatest drives - to gorgeous San Francisco, one of America's nicest cities home of the Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz, the prison island. From sparkling beaches and fog enshrouded mountains, the "City by the Bay" offers the ultimate in a relaxed lifestyle in the middle of a big city. Travellers will find wonderful daytrips to the beaches, wine country, and deserts.

Located on the shores of the Great Lakes, Chicago, the "Windy City", is where the Skyscraper was invented. Even today, downtown Chicago is the beautiful early laboratory of this new form of building. The city is also vibrant with an excellent Jazz and Blues scene, two great ballparks, good food and much more.

Dallas is an international city best known for the television show of the same name, Walker, Texas Ranger, and the Dallas Cowboys football team and Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders.  But Dallas is also home to the original Gallaria mall, the original Neiman Marcus store, The Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza, and many other sports teams, shopping malls, conventions, and events.

Houston is a city that exemplifies Texas and acts as a microcosm of the state. With a dizzying array of attractions, festivals, restaurants, shopping, and local get-aways; the nation's fourth largest city is home to a wide array of sights for all to enjoy. It's also home to one of the most diverse populations in the country.

Las Vegas is paradise for anyone who likes to roll the dice. No need to go to Paris, Rome or Egypt-all the best monuments have been copied, and some would say improved, and can be found right there in the Nevada desert.

Kentucky is a hidden gem for travelers interested in exploring natural artifacts; such as Mammoth Cave, the largest recorded cave systems in the world. The numerous campgrounds, state parks, and recreational lakes draw cost-conscious travelers from all over the South. The rolling hills of Eastern Kentucky sport some of the finest horse parks in the United States. The Kentucky Derby Festival includes a huge balloon race, air show, and spectacular fireworks performance as just three of its features. For some the race is just an afterthought.

Florida is popular with anyone looking for sunshine, beaches and hurricanes. Tampa, Orlando and Miami are ideal bases from which to explore the Sunshine State.

The New England States are magnificent. From land to sea, you have it made here. Magnificent beaches in the summer, beautiful foliage in the fall. Connecticut is my personal favorite, a small activity packed state, with something new around every corner.  Two of the best casinos in the world, Mohegan sun and Foxwoods. Quaint little citys by the sea, historic places nestled in the woods. Everything you could want is less than 2 hours away: Beaches, woods, farms, waterfalls, sea and fresh water fishing, wineries, wildlife, both land and sea, wonderful places to shop and eat. Ever see the movie Mystic Pizza, well there really is a Mystic Pizza, in Mystic CT and the pizza is delicious! They have alot of pictures of the filming of the movie there. You will never want to go anywhere else again!

All over the country you find many excellent National Parks, which are great places to go for hiking, biking and other activities. Yellowstone, Yosemite, and the Grand Canyon are well known, but there are many more places of great beauty in God's own country. The Appalachian trail, running from Springer Mountain in Georgia to Katahdin in Maine is unique. More than 2000 miles long, a 'thru-hiker' needs one season to walk it from end to end.

Top Destinations in United States

San Francisco
New York
Washington D.C.
San Diego
Santa Barbara
Santa Monica
Las Vegas

Travel Q&A on United States:

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Answer: technically, you do need a passport if you are coming from outside of the U.S.If you originate in the U.S. and end in the U.S. (PR and USVI are in the U.S.), then you do not need a passport because there ... - answered by: just_treva
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Question: #2: Do you need a valid united states passport to travel within the united states domestically?
I wanna travel to seattle by plane and i live in new jersey, i have a expired passport though, i have a valid drivers license and i am a united states citizen - asked by no it all

Answer: No passports are needed to travel within the U.S. Just be sure to bring your driver's license with you - that's all you need. That and your ticket, of course.Have a safe trip! ... - answered by: Lux Aeterna
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Question: #3: state travel information for the united states?
I'm planning on departing from Maryland and going through Ohio and west to Mont. wym. N&S Dakota, Calif, Ariz, Colo, Nev. New Mexico, Texas, to Fla and possibly Key West before heading back to Md. Looking for State Travel magazines or booklets put out by States. - asked by dtyolmn

Answer: I would check online at each states website. They may have something like that. Also, check with your travel agent, they may have some for states around you, or at least a few that you are looking for. ... - answered by: tech_fanatic
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Question: #4: Can a U.S. citizen convicted of a felony in the United States travel abroad?
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Question: #5: Dangerous to Travel to the United States?
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Question: #7: Who would like to see the travel section for the United States broken down into states... instead of cities?!?
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