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Travel Guide: Montego Bay - The Caribbean

Montego Bay from my hotel Montego Bay from my hotel
photo by: Ben VanderVeen
If you have come to Jamaica to relax a bit, Montego Bay is the place to head for first. Montego Bay is the second largest city in Jamaica. It is the gateway to tourist activity on the north coast. MoBay has a small international airport served by many US and Canadian carriers. Local Jamaican commuter airlines connect MoBay with Kingston, Negril, Ocho Rios and other regional airports

The city sits in a bay with mountains rising in the background. It is a hub of shopping and dining and the beaches are lined with all-inclusive resorts. There is an old-town, with restored 18th century remnants. There is also an odorific public market (wear washable footwear). The beach-front is just on the north edge of town near the airport; Doctor's Cave Beach is a clean, private beach (open to the public for a small fee). It's relatively peaceful and clean - worth the modest price of admission.

There's a lot of history around Montego Bay. Many old estates have ties to the distant past. Usually the great houses of the estates will have names ending in "Hall". Rose Hall, for example, is an outstanding relic of colonial times with a fascinating and detailed history of dark rumour and intrigue. Regular tours during the week provide lots of opportunity to immerse one's self in 18th century history. The history of Jamaica is a lot more than "a bunch of Englishmen captured some Africans and kidnapped them to Jamaica for brutal living". The story of Annie Palmer, the mistress of Rose Hall, is not easily forgotten!

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Travel Q&A on Montego Bay:

Question: #1: what's the best time to travel to montego bay jamaica?
- asked by locs_crazydreads

Answer: May so the water will be warm and the weather will be nice!! ... - answered by: Char
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Question: #2: can 2 children - one 15 yrs 10mths the other 16 yrs 7mths travel alone 4m Nassau 2 Montego Bay non-stop?
Will be a 3 weeks visit 2 Nassau. They will be accompanied by an adult 4m Montego Bay to Nassau but they will return 2 Jamaica alone - asked by natdjar

Answer: yes they can. there are charges for minors under 15 but not over that. ... - answered by: vanilla_d_i_v_a
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Question: #3: What is the probability of a Cat 4 Hurricane approaching from the north making landfall @ Montego Bay Jamaica?
The hurricanes passing Jamaica are usually traveling North westerly direction placing the south coast of Jamaica in the cone of uncertianty. What is the probability of the North Coast of Jamaica recieving a direct hit from a Cat. 3 or 4 Hurricane near the Montego Bay area? - asked by jbarmiafla

Answer: not likely , it would shift and go into the direction of Kingston as it has many a time ... - answered by: m j
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Question: #4: anyone been on vacation in Jamaica? looking at Breezes Montego Bay.?
This will be our first travel experience out of our home state our honeymoon 6 yrs and 3boys later we are on a limited budget but want to have a great time any help or info would be great. We are also looking at mexico. - asked by 3boyz

Answer: I went to Runaway Bay in Jamaica and Cabo San Lucas in Mexico. When I went with my parents we stayed at all inclusive resorts. The one in Jamaica was called th Eaton Hall Beach Hotel and we stayed in ... - answered by: C Dog
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Question: #5: I am looking for someone with a great experience in Montego Bay?
We want to fly and stay for about 8 days. Wold like to know a good travel agent and an inexpensive way to do it. Thanks in advance and I hope you have a great day. - asked by JD

Answer: listen if you want to go to Jamaica do some home work and check out these sites and maybe all these have photos and tons of reviewes. and if your ... - answered by: we/be/jammin
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Question: #6: Package Travel Regulations-what exactly is the Breach of contract?can you give me the details of breach contra
A couple had booked 2 cruises departing from Montego Bay,Jamaica.They paid an upgrade fee for Airtours Holidays premium service-includedbetter seats and in-flight caterin&security priority baggage collection.1Their flight was delayed-delay of incoming flight,prolonged safety checks,headwinds,damaged runway2During their flight they didnt receive the special meals they paid for and they found the crew unhelpful.3Despite assurances that the cruise ship would wait for them,it had in fact dparted.FINALLY:they were offered the alternatives of:a)a week at an all inclusive 4* resortb)catch the 2nd cruise & £100 each in compensationc)flight home,full refund &additional compensation.THEY CHOSE TO STAY!!!!!.....and+..on return they claim against Airtour arguing the causes of the delay were foreseeble&that the cruise ship could have waited for them.My questions to you my friend;-)1>what the judge will decide?2>Its a Breach of contract-thats why they were claiming-Explain please;-) - asked by Emi

Answer: Life's a beach isn't it ? ... - answered by: pondlife
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Question: #7: What is a beautiful, safe carribean country to travel to. We went to Jamaica last year.?
We were uncomfortable outside our all-inclusive resort. People were following us and begging us to buy from them. We were also told not to walking about after dark. This was in Montego Bay. Any thoughts? - asked by Jackie S

Answer: Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. OK, there are a few beggers about, but far and few between. I think the last time I was there, no one came up to me. The first time, one did. The second time a few ... - answered by: concerned_vincy
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Question: #8: For my 40th birthday this July 4th, any carribbean island suggeation to travel for about 1 week?
I've visited Jamaica resort twice in Montego Bay. Any other nice caribbean Islands? - asked by Debora B

Answer: You will definitely enjoy Antigua - 365 lovely beaches, friendly, warm accommodating people. Lots to do or just do nothing.visit and for things to do visit
http://www.advent ... - answered by: Slim Shady
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Question: #9: is it to late ?
I have been in and around music all my life in one way and another, from my childhood growing up in a pub listening to live cornish folk music to traveling with my uncle as a teenager controlling the light show at montego bay 's reggae sunsplash festvals in the late 70's and have been (as all people think) on the cutting edge of the most up to date musical influnces and feel that i have never lost touch with music in either present or past , but now feel that i need to actually play an instrument..... to give people the pleasure of enjoyment .... but am i to old to actually be able to learn the ability of mastering the art of playing an instrument to a chilled out audience. ? - asked by AS IT IS

Answer: no never too late my love, follow your dream and go get those lessons!!!! you'll always regret it if u dont. good luck and remember me when u hit the big time baby xxx ... - answered by: Lyndsey B
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Question: #10: I am travelling to Ocho Rios and heard that the bus ride is a long one, are there any other options?
Has anyone taken a flight from Montego Bay to Ocho Rios? Was it worth the price? - asked by

Answer: I took a bus from Kingston to Ocho Rios and it was a long ride. It was worth it, though. Dunns River Falls in Ocho Rios was one of the most beautiful places I have ever been to. It's well worth the ... - answered by: SueInBoston
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