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Travel Guide: Bermuda - The Caribbean

ST. Katrin bay (near St.Georges) ST. Katrin bay (near St.Georges)
photo by: Peter from Slovakia

Contrary to popular belief, Bermuda is not in the Caribbean, but is a group of islands North America, group of islands in the North Atlantic Ocean, east of South Carolina. It is less than 20 miles in length and no more than 1/2 a mile wide in most places.

It is famous for its so-called triangle, which according to legend causes ships and aeroplanes to disappear mysteriously. The more natural explanation is that it is surrounded by coral reefs, the actual cause of many shipwrecks in years gone by. This however, makes for excellent snorkelling and scuba diving.

Its main industries are tourism and offshore banking. It makes for a fantastic beach destination, with its unique 'pink' sand. It is also a dream for golfers, with 8 golf courses. It has over 220 days of sunshine a year, and it never snows!

There are several big luxury hotels on the island, or you can rent a condo or stay at a B&B. You can also cruise here - the cruise ships dock along the side of the street in Hamilton, the tiny capital city! There is plenty to do, from tennis, golf and watersports, to hiring a moped and exploring the winding roads, to swimming with dolphins.

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Destinations in Bermuda

Hamilton (Capital City)

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Travel Q&A on Bermuda:

Question: #1: how difficult is it 4 ukrainian resident 2 get visa for travel to mexic/bermuda/usa?
i have a ukranian friend i would like to meet but they are having difficulty getting visa to travel to mexico or bermuda or usa-what kind of restrictions are there on travel to these places--is it difficult to get visas to these destinations? - asked by WAYNE M

Answer: it is hard for Ukrainians to travel if they do not have solid ties to Ukraine such as businesses in Ukraine or homes that they own as Many country's fell the people will not return which why it so hard ... - answered by: Magnusfl
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Question: #2: Is a passport required to travel to Bermuda from the US?
Travel will be before Dec 2006 - asked by qc_08721

Answer: In December 2006, no. You will only need birth certificate and valid photo ID. As of Jan 2007, you will need a passport. ... - answered by: 12BNBDA
View All Answers (8)

Question: #3: has anyone travel in Bermuda triangle?
if yes please contact me as soon as possible. - asked by andro

Answer: Dude....every person who has flown in or out of Miami or Fort Lauderdale has....check this image out...,GGLD:2005-17,GGLD:enSo, ... - answered by: melissa
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Question: #4: I want to travel to Bermuda I need an inexpencive place to stay?
- asked by steveboje

Answer: Hotels and everything else in Bermuda are very expensive and there are not many options. I suggest that you consider a crusie to Bermuda, a 5 day cruise is sufficient to see the island and have time for ... - answered by: TINKERTOY ..... the one, the only, the original
View All Answers (2)

Question: #5: i want to travel to bermuda?
- asked by dtztour

Answer: I recommend a five day cruise. There is not a lot to see in Bermuda; you can cover it in a one day tour. After that go to Elbow or Long Bay Beach. Buy a 2 or 3 day transportation ticket which is good ... - answered by: TINKERTOY ..... the one, the only, the original
View All Answers (7)

Question: #6: do canadian citizens require a passport to travel into bermuda?
- asked by

Answer: A passport is required for entry from all countries. More information about Customs and getting to Bermuda can be found here: fun on your vaca ... - answered by:
View All Answers (3)

Question: #7: Do ships and plane now travel through the BERMUDA TRIANGLE?
- asked by Mr Myth

Answer: I doubt there is a sea captain alive that believes in this claptrap. Same goes for professional pilots. ... - answered by: Ken E
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Question: #8: If reality wasn't a question, for what reasons would you travel to the Bermuda Triangle?
This is a topic for my essay, and I can't find any reasons for me to go there the help is greatly appreciated. THANK YOU!!! - asked by f*ckyou

Answer: I would figure out the Geographic center of the triangle, take a boat out there and just sit there for as long as I could, just to be able to come back and tell people "I've been there." I would take ... - answered by: Chuck M
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Question: #9: how feasible is to travel from eastern europe to the bermuda island in means of money?
- asked by NikGeo

Answer: Probably it's cheaper than to fly to Australia or Hong Kong - finding a way via New York or even a charter to the Dominicans could be the cheapest.A return flight should be possible for USD 1200 or EUR ... - answered by: swissnick
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Question: #10: What are the travel documents needed for a Filipino working in Dubai to visit Bermuda?
I work and live in Dubai and am planning to depart from Dubai probably via London Heathrow. - asked by mj_16592

Answer: Call the local British embassy for accurate info. ... - answered by: ckm1956
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