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Travel Guide: Mexico

Cerro de la Silla Monterrey Cerro de la Silla Monterrey
photo by: Anonimo
Mexico is a diverse place, and has a lot to offer to travellers. Whether you decide to visit the beautiful beaches famous around the world, historical cities from the time of the Spanish colony and archeological sites of cultures such as the Maya, Olmeca and Azteca among others, beautiful national parks in deserts, mountains and forests, or just hang out in one of the modern cities, you will enjoy it.

Highlights in Mexico are the capital city of Mexico City, Monterrey, with its beautiful colonial buildings and Guadalajara.  For colonial cities one should visit  Oaxaca,  Morelia, San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, Queretaro, San Luis Potosi, Zacatecas, Aguascalientes, Merida in the  Yucatan peninsula, among others.

 For beaches, some of the best, most unspoiled are located on the Oaxaca coast, particularly Zipolite and Puerto Escondido. Cancun, Cozumel, Playa del Carmen located at the Riviera Maya,  Mazatlan, Manzanillo, Ixtapa and Puerto Vallarta among others, are the place to be for all fun loving creatures. The peninsula of Yucatan offers an ideal mix of Maya culture, great weather and some of the world's best snorkeling and diving in places such as Cozumel and Cancun located at the Riviera Maya. For a truly Mexican experience, the city of San Cristobal de las Casas in Chiapas offers a view of the indigenous Mayan peoples in a beautiful colonial city. Los Cabos in Baja California Sur has been a favourite get-away for Mexicans and Americans for years.

Archeological sites in Mexico are vast, one should keep in mind Teotihuacan, Chichen Itza, Palenque, El Tajin and Monte Alban among just a few.

For those looking for an active vacation, Mexico offers golf courses, scuba diving and lots of mountains to go hiking in, including cloud rainforest in Chiapas.

Refrain from visiting the Northern parts of Mexico near the California border at night, or just in general. Also take care in Mexico City in the evenings. Southern and Central Mexico are beautiful and much more culturally accurate.

If you visit northern Mexico, Chihuahua offers amazing sightings. Go to chihuahua City, Cuauhtemoc, Anahuac, Delicias. The copper Canyon, the Basaseachic waterfall, the Arareco lake are great places to rest while in the mountains.

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Top Destinations in Mexico

Mexico City
Playa del Carmen
Puerto Vallarta

Travel Q&A on Mexico:

Question: #1: apply mexico travel visa in vancouver?
gona travel to mexico in two weeks. need mexico visa. - asked by Liao I

Answer: You are issued the visa form on the airplane and it will be approved or disapproved by immigration at the Mexico airport. You just need proper ID plus the the filled out visa form. They also give you ... - answered by: sparks_mex
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Question: #2: Is it worth getting a GPS for travel in Mexico?
Which device is better/has bet maps? We are not very technology savy, and have travelled Mexico lots, but thought it might be handy. We just don't know what to be looking for when buying one or if it's worth it. - asked by Barb

Answer: It really isn't, the people will help you. ... - answered by: Ellen T
View All Answers (1)

Question: #3: How hard is it and what are the procedures for a Mexican to get a Mexico Passport to travel to the US?
I am working on my husbands visa, and he needs a passport from Mexico to travel to the US..I thought without the visa he couldnt get a passport..I am confused can anyone help me. - asked by withwings

Answer: To travel from Mexico to U.S.A, the first that your husband needs is to get a passport, go to for more information about how to getting a passport.The cost is 30 US Dollars ... - answered by: CostoNet
View All Answers (5)

Question: #4: what do you need to travel to mexico?
is it true that to travel to mexico you need to take out a passaport. ? even thought you have your califronia id. and what else is need to travel to mexico other than a passaport if you r traveling with a child. pls help me - asked by montoya162001

Answer: Pepto Bismol, Immodium, bring it all. Your stomach will be screaming for assistance as soon as you eat something there. ... - answered by: James
View All Answers (8)

Question: #5: Should Americans boycott Mexico?? I'm against illegal immigration but have encouraged travel to Mexico-help?
I've been strongly against illegal immigration to the US but have encouraged many Americans to vacation in (Cozumel)Mexico (you can check my answers)-am I just confused, correct in my seemingly conflicted views or nuts? Would an American travel boycott of Mexico (and maybe Mexican products) force their government and their wealthy elite to raise wages and create a better standard of living for the average Mexican in their homeland (thus reducing the need/desire to come to the US),or, would it have the opposite effect by causing more economic hardship to the "average Jose" thus increasing illegal immigration into the US? - asked by porthuronbilliam

Answer: I don't know if boycotting US travel to Mexico would help or simply backfire, causing even more Mexicans to feel the need to run to the USA illegally to work. However, I am sure that US tourism to Mexico ... - answered by: Daisy
View All Answers (18)

Question: #6: My wife is going to travel with me from Mexico to Australia she will be 28weeks pregnant when traveling?
We are moving to live in Australia, we will travel from mexico city to LA and then to Melbourne. 18 hours flying. Is it bad for the fetus?? My wife is afraid of flying so many hours. What could be you recommendation?? - asked by Alejandro C

Answer: HiYou say she will be 28 weeks along? Assuming you have your dates right or the Doctors have them correct,..I would not expect any trouble as she wo uld be 7 mos along. You did not mention if she has ... - answered by: Wismom
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Question: #7: what is it needed to travel from mexico to spain?
i have a friend who wants to visit spain from mexico and i was just wondering if you need a passport or a visa to be able to travel there. - asked by jacketfan07

Answer: Your friend needs a passport...that's certain...I'm not sure about the visa...he/she needs to contact the Consulate (Spanish in the US) in the city near you and ask them that or make an appointment ahead ... - answered by: cassie86
View All Answers (8)

Question: #8: Do I still need a passport to travel to Mexico?
I'm flying to Mexico. January 3rd -10th of 2007. I've read that I need a passport to travel to Mexico by the 1/8/07. But I've just recently read that that deadline has been pushed back. Does this apply to me? I would prefer to avoid the costs of an expedited passport. Anyone know what the scoop is? - asked by JUSTIN R

Answer: Go without and have a good time. Just be sure to take your birth certificate and a photo ID.More info @ ... - answered by: Papa Smurf
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Question: #9: Do you know if anybody needs somebody to travel to Mexico or Latin America for bussines?
I was born in Mexico City, I know the language and I know a lot of people who can do bussines in the fashion field in Mexico City, and my knowlege in the people culture and way of life can help a lot, also i know how to translate anything from the English language to the spanish language, now I'm a US citizen and I can travel with no problem, so if you please know someone that need an employee bilingual and ready to do bussines in Mexico please send me an e-mail or Thanks - asked by Tony

Answer: nope. i know lots of people who wants to travel to America though. lol ... - answered by: Doing the Right Thing
View All Answers (1)

Question: #10: Do you need a passport to travel to Mexico?
Do you need a passport to travel to Mexico? It looks like you will by the end of 2006, but not now. - asked by pdelacey

Answer: No. Passports are not currently neccessary for US citizens crossing the Canadian and Mexican borders; that requirement is being phased in through 2007. You don't need a passport to visit Mexico by air ... - answered by: suzeeq
View All Answers (5)

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