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Travel Guide: London - United Kingdom - Europe

The Tower Bridge At Night The Tower Bridge At Night
photo by: CrazyAzn23

London. There is nowhere else on Earth quite like it. All at once big and brash and bustling, cutting-edge yet traditional, historical yet modern, it is the quintessential international metropolis - a world city by all accounts. The world comes to London and what happens here affects every corner of the world. A global centre of commerce, retail, finance, entertainment, fashion, transit and trends, London can very often feel like the capital of Earth. 

London is also one of the world's most identifiable and emblematic cities - the city of Big Ben, double-decker buses, the Queen and the Tube, it quite rightly asserts itself in global conciousness as one of the greatest cities on earth. It has a plethora of every conceivable activity, and contains something for everyone. 

With so much going on, across such a massive city - the biggest in Europe - nobody can expect to be able to do it all. Even life-long Londoners constantly find new surprises in this city. A week should be long enough to give you a taste of what the 'big smoke' has to offer though...

On the first day, one could enjoy his/her love for the fine arts in some of the world's finest museums, such as the British Museum, the National Gallery or the Tate Modern.

The second and third days could be for fun and entertainment. There are streets filled with world-class bars, pubs, restaurants and theatres. And contrary to popular belief, not all bars close at 11.00 pm; there are plenty outside the West End that stay open until 2am weekdays.

Then there is shopping for day four, and not just Harrods. From the more fashionable alternative of Selfridges, to the many street markets London has to offer from second-hand clothes and crafts to tasty foods.

Day five can be spent visiting historic buildings, such as the Houses of Parliament, St Paul's Catherdral and the Tower of London. You might even want to throw a boat trip in between.

Day six is for visiting the different palaces of London, the most famous ones being Buckingham Palace and Kensington Palace.

The seventh day one can relax. There are many big parks, where you can linger and sit on the grass, one of the most famous being Hyde Park, with Speakers Corner.

If you have longer in London, or have been here before, then explore some areas outside the norm. These areas are interesting to wander round in the day and party at night: Brixton, Brick Lane, Notting Hill, Hoxton and Camden town.

During your stay in London you can also enjoy many diverse culinary pleasures. Although native British food does not have a great international reputation, there is plenty of great food from pretty much every country in the world here. It's worth noting that London had more top restaurants than Paris and New York in the recent poll of top 50 restaurants in the world.

Whatever you want, you'll find it London, and like so many others will keep on coming back.

Travel Q&A on London:

Question: #1: Paris & London travel pass cards??
Ok.. I'm traveling to Paris for 3-4 days and London for 3-4 days and I've read up on the London Pass & Paris Pass.. Is it better to just purchase the travel pass seperate to get around the two cities & then purchase the different attractions we want to see (because not all of the places we want to see are on the list of things included to get in for free w/the pass...) or should I just get the pass & pay for the few places we want to see that's not on the lists?? I've never used either so I have NO clue what to do or which is the best route... Any info would be very helpful!!! Answer: for london you can get a variety of travel passes. a bus pass or a tube (subway)/ bus pass. day, 3 day or week. if you only have one day to do sightseeing it is a good idea to go on a tourist bus because ... - answered by: Who am I? Who are U?
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Question: #2: London travel:tube and bus passes?
hi.i bought a tube day-travel card zone 1-4 today.what i want to know is, would the tube card be valid on the bus?thanks. - asked by karlita_1977

Answer: Travel cards are valid for both the tube and buses. ... - answered by: Gypsophila
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Question: #3: Free London Travel Card?
Anyone know any way of getting a free london tavel card, weekly, monthly or annual? - asked by me_me

Answer: Marry someone working on London Transport? I think that used to work about twenty years ago - don't know about now. ... - answered by: Rose
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Question: #4: directions for london,travel?
looking for standard trust financeplc at 61 Lombard St. london EC3P 3AH - asked by Gary R

Answer: Go to there you can type in post codes of where you are in London and where you want to get to they also provide you with the best ways to get there. ... - answered by: millionairerichard
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Question: #5: Chicago, London & NYC travel tips?
I am travelling to Chicago, London & NYC in two weeks...any suggestions on what to do/where to go aside from the typical tourist attractions (i.e. Sears Tower, Westminster Abbey, etc.)? - asked by gemini6262

Answer: boss just check out Yahoo, Travels!!! You will get all the detailsStay+Expenses_list+travel_tips+online booking ... - answered by: SAURABH
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Question: #6: Travel from London to Athens?
I have a new identity card and i can travel within the Seggen countries not using my passport.In January I will travel from Greece to Italy then to Madrid then to Paris and then to London.I have the new identity cards should I have any problem traveling from Paris to London and then from London back to Athens?? - asked by marimar5

Answer: As far as I am aware you need a passport to travel from London to Athens. ... - answered by: lollipoppett2005
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Question: #7: I am traveling to london. I would like to find out how much does it take to travel from London to Paris round
I am traveling to London. I will be staying there few nights and want to make a trip to Paris and come back to London after few days. Can anybody tell me what is the most affordable way to travel from London to Paris and how much does it take? - asked by confusedagain

Answer: The best way to travel from London to Paris is by the train. It takes you under the English channel chunnel and you get to see the country side which is absolutely beautiful at times. You do pass through ... - answered by: Brigitte D
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Question: #8: travel from grays to central london for tourists?
Am going down to stay with family to stay in Grays, Thurrock. This is just outside the boundary of Zone 6 for travel cards. Can anyone reccommend a cheap way for me and my boyfriend to travel into London to do cheesy touristy things? Thanks! - asked by v_farrow

Answer: Some cross-boiundary services may accept oystercard, it's as well to check via TFL. ... - answered by: stephen_allcroft
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Question: #9: Travel to London?
I am Japanese female and will travel to London soon alone and stay only 5 days.I plan to go to British Museum,Cotswolds,Stone Hange,Royal Botanic Gardens.Is there other places you recommend?And If I can I want to go to English pub,but is it safe there if I go alone?Thank you very much for reading and sorry for my poor English. - asked by someoneinhershoes

Answer: Westminster Abbey is a great place to go, and the Houses of Parliament are right next door. Also, I really enjoyed St. James's Park and Hyde Park and Trafalgar Square--all of these places are in the Westminster ... - answered by: rubydoo
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Question: #10: How to travel chepa from London to Scotland and where to stay, what to do?
Thinking of travelling to Scotland in Nov woth my hubby.What si the chepaest mode of travel from London? What is the best place to stay there and visit. Intersted in seeing the natural beauty, countryside. - asked by magicgirl

Answer: London to ScotlandI will explain three travel plans chose one that suits you and give me just 10points OK.............ALL fares per person and return fares.1. By AirIn November £67.70/per person Depart ... - answered by: SAM M
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