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Travel Guide: Canada

Winter in Edmonton Winter in Edmonton
photo by: Michka

Canada is one of the most exciting travel destinations in the world. It boasts a wide, diverse culture, which we celebrate with pride, and there is simply no way to see everything in one trip - or even in a lifetime. Full of surprises, Canada is simply the most astonishingly beautiful country in the world.

Canadian culture has historically been heavily influenced by British and French cultures and traditions. In more modern times, Canadian culture became greatly influenced by American culture, due to the proximity and the migration of people, ideas, and capital. Amidst this, Canadian culture has developed unique characteristics making it an interesting place. In many respects, a more robust and distinct Canadian culture has developed in recent years.

It has many interesting cities, like Vancouver, Ottawa, Quebec, Toronto, Montreal and Halifax.

 It also has some of the most impressive natural locations- great for outdoor activities, like hiking, skiing, rafting and fishing. The country is very large (2nd largest in the world after Russia) and climate and geography varies considerably. From moderate, mild coastal British Columbia and the hot and dry Southern Ontario area, to the rugged tundra of Nunavut... from the "short winter/long summer" region of Ontario to the maritime Atlantic coast- temperatures can range from plus 40 C in summer to minus 40 C in the winter, so dress accordingly! 

For those wanting to take advantage of the outdoors, best time is to visit in the summer. For those wanting to experience everything Canada has to offer, visit anytime. With Canada as your chosen holiday destination - the challenge is now where to go and what to see and do. To make the most of your precious time in this vast country.

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Top Destinations in Canada

Quebec City
British Columbia

Travel Q&A on Canada:

Question: #1: what is the cheapest way to travel canada.?
i have heired no more about canada travel guide. - asked by shahzad a

Answer: Gasoline is expensive as are car rentals, so those would be out. Trains, although a wonderful way to travel, don't always go exactly where you would like, and also can be expensive. Air travel, unless ... - answered by: lllmeg
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Question: #2: i like to travel canada but i haven't money is there any bady help me?
i like to travel to canada but i haven't money is there any bady help me? - asked by

Answer: Sure, just as soon as somebody hands me more money than I can use. ... - answered by: Pichi
View All Answers (8)

Question: #3: canada travel?
- asked by southernheartangel

Answer: I'm not really sure what you are asking, but yeah you do need a passport. You first need to decide what you want to see when you travel to Canada. There are many different types of places. Every region ... - answered by: fayra_elm
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Question: #4: Travel USA/Canada for Australians with old criminal record?
I have a few questions to ask about travel to Canada/USA for Australian since being to Canada & USA back in 1999.I had some trouble last time went in went to Canada & The USA because i had a criminal record with fighting with a person here and got a suspended sentence.I am wondering what the laws are now seeing 911 entering Canada & America? - asked by raymondjcox1

Answer: If your problem resulted in a felony you can't come to the USA. If it was just a misdemeanor you'll be okay. ... - answered by: da_hammerhead
View All Answers (2)

Question: #5: Hi. I would like to go over to Canada to travel and work.?
I'm thinking of going to Canada next year to do a bit of travelling and find some work. I know you can get a six months tourist visa but to obtain a working one it appears you a work permit and therefore a job. I'm struggling to find any agencies or anybody that can help. Any ideas? - asked by toynlet

Answer: easy one...if your under 30 go to can get a working holiday visa which will let you work anywhere in canada for up to a year. the only restrictions are you cannot work in healthcare ... - answered by: scuba_steve
View All Answers (9)

Question: #6: Travel To Canada.?
Hi every body, I love to Travel to Canada and visit Montreal and Vancuver, and attend in an short English course ,but the problem is that I can not afford the cost of this travel, has any body advice?by the way I live in Iran.Thanks in advance for your answers.Good Luck. - asked by faezeh a

Answer: If you are under 25 you may qualify for the student visa program. It allows you to work, and there is always casual labour available. Everything from harvesting fruit and berries to working on the ski ... - answered by: old lady
View All Answers (3)

Question: #7: Travel to Canada on USA Citizenship Certificate is Possible?
Can i travel to Canada from Usa on Citizen ship Certificate without Ysa Passport - asked by Zee

Answer: Yes I believe you can. You must know where you are going and why and for how long. You only need t o prove that you have the legal right to live in the US when you return. ... - answered by: Kimberly D
View All Answers (3)

Question: #8: I want to travel to Canada, a tour of Ottawa, Montreal, Quebec City, maybe Toronto?
I love to travel to canada. I have been to windsor and toronto many times. I'm from michigan and I was wondering a few things: -should I learn some french if I go to Quebec-any recomended attractions for any of these citys-any websites that have packages for travel and hotel at affordable rates-any websites that have tourism info-any personal expirence stories are welcome as wellany and all answers are appreciated.Thanks! - asked by Enginerd

Answer: Hi, I'm from Toronto area. Since you mention you've been here many times, then I'm sure you know of SkyDome, Air Canada Centre, SkyDome, stuff like that. Montreal -- People do speak English but they speak ... - answered by: thisisnotdel
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Question: #9: Do I need a passport to travel to Canada?
I know that the government wants people to start getting passports to travel to canada..but has been passed for those traveling by land yet. They say it may not be a requirement until 2009 until the passport cards are made. Can I still travel into canada without a passport? - asked by Marlee

Answer: Beginning January 23, 2007, ALL persons, including U.S. citizens, traveling by air between the United States and Canada, Mexico, Central and South America, the Caribbean, and Bermuda will be required to ... - answered by: nermil
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Question: #10: Can I travel from America to Canada with only a certificate of citizenship?
I applied for a passport but have not yet received it and I want to travel to Canada next month and stay there for a week (school related). - asked by snowtigress736

Answer: Current Requirements for Entry Into CanadaVisas are not required for U.S. citizens entering Canada from the U.S. You will, however, need: 1. Proof of your U.S. citizenship such as your U.S. passport ... - answered by: Poutine
View All Answers (4)

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