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See the real Europe with Rail Europe

Rail Europe is North America's official distributor of these products as well as the France Rail Pass, BritRail Pass, Swiss Rail Pass, Eurostar Tickets, Trenitalia Tickets, SNCF Tickets and DeutscheBahn Tickets. Plus, we offer the largest customer care center in North America.
  Eurail Pass
Unlimited Train travel through the 18 Eurail Countries: Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Holland, Hungary, Italy, Luxembourg, Norway, Portugal, Republic of Ireland, Romania, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland.
  Eurail Selectpass (Great Value in a three country pass)
Unlimited travel on the national rail networks of any 3, 4 or 5 bordering countries out of 22 European countries that are connected by train or ship. Our easy "country selector" makes the process of booking this pass very simple.
  Rail 'n Drive passes
Combine train with a few days of car. Take the train for longer distances and then get a rental car to explore locally. This Pass is the choice of travelers who like to be able to see the out of the way places.
  Tour Britain and Europe
BritRail passes plus Eurailpass or Eurail Selectpass. (Britain is not covered by any other passes. Discounted prices on Eurostar with any Eurailpass, and with specific Eurail Selectpass.)
  Eurail (two countries)
Visit Two European Countries
Eurail Austria-Czech Pass
Eurail Austria-Slovenia-Croatia Pass
Eurail Austria-Switzerland Pass
Eurail Benelux-France Pass
Eurail France-Germany Pass
Eurail France-Italy Pass
Eurail France-Spain Pass
Eurail France-Switzerland Pass
Eurail Germany-Austria Pass
Eurail Germany-Benelux Pass
Eurail Germany-Denmark Pass
Eurail Greece-Italy Pass
Eurail Germany-Switzerland Pass
Eurail Hungary-Slovenia-Croatia Pass
Eurail Romania-Hungary Pass
Eurail Spain-Portugal Pass
  Single Country Passes
If you are only going to be traveling within one country, a single country railpass is your best option. Choose from any of 24 countries. Regional passes like Iberia and the Balkans are available as well.

Austria, Balkan, Belgium , Benelux*, Bulgaria , Britain, Czech Republic , Eastern Europe Finland , France , Germany, Greece , Hungary, Iberia , Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg , Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Romania, Scandinavia, Spain, Switzerland.
  Point to Point tickets (For single trips)
You can book a ticket from any of 3500 cities in Europe directly through the website. This includes High Speed trains like Eurostar (the Channel train), Thalys or the TGVs.

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